To Write Love On Her Arms

This is a To Write Love On Her Arms inspired poem of mine. To Write Love On Her Arms is a foundation that helps males and females who are depressed and or self inflicting and seeking help. The foundation was started to help a friend and turned out to be a pretty big deal. Merchandise and books are sold on their websites and any local Hot Topic. The founder, Jamie Tworkowski goes on tours raising awareness for the situation. I am not one to self inflict, this is a message to those who do.


A pretty scar

A puddle of blood

A razor blade


You are thinking

Adrenaline rush

Feels good for a moment

You don’t need this

Not this weight

On your shoulders

Don’t take it out

On your arm

No need

To bleed it out

Yet you are loving

Every minute

Hating every second

You don’t need this

“All you need is love



Love is all you need” -lyric by The Beatles


5 Responses to To Write Love On Her Arms

  1. Hannah =D says:

    Wow. That was really powerful! Sounds like something that would be in an Ellen Hopkins book. Amazing writing!

  2. xxonlybynightxx says:

    I enjoy writing replies to your comments! Thank you, for that. I actually sent the poem to a TWLOHA link and hopefully it will getto Jamie!!! Maybe I’ll here a reply in a few weeks. or now I’ll be checking my email like mad xD Hannah you are so RAD!!!

  3. Hannah =D says:

    If it got to Jamie, that’d be AWESOME!!

    Ha, thanks. I’m really probably not as “rad” as you think. *wink*

  4. xxonlybynightxx says:

    Hannah guess what?! I got a reply from TWLOHA!!!!! SQUEE!!!! I am so stoked and feel absolutely honored!!!! I’ll forward you the email!!!!
    — Nixie

  5. blackbyrd says:

    I love TWLOHA <3.
    I am working on an article for NeXt about To Write Love On Her Arms..I just want the love to spread.
    I ordered my shirt from the website…it just seemed like the right thing to do, you know? (Hehe, the first time I wrote “right” I accidentally put “write” – I guess it’s not hard to figure out what I love to do xD.)

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