All Time Low

At first I wasn’t really a fan of All Time Low. They seemed to “boy band-ish” to me, meaning girls will say “Oh he is soooo hot!” I heard All Time Low were parading into Kansas City first with a signing at Hot Topic then they’d go on down to a little “club” and give the crowd a show with Mayday Parade. I thought I didn’t need to go see them, besides I was basically a poseur fan anyway. A few months went by I heard more of their music and you know what happened I liked it. I jumped around to it. Attempted to sing along with the very few words I knew. On my birthday I received an iTunes gift card. As I logged on to iTunes I realized I could purchase a few of their songs. You know what, I did. Now I throw my head around to ’em and jump around like mad. I guess I do dance like no one is watching. After I had learned most of the words to “Break Out!” and “The Beach” I was sad that I didn’t see them live. Now I cannot complain that they weren’t here or never came, because I missed them purposely. Maybe next year if they go on tour with There For Tomorrow again, definitely.


One Response to All Time Low

  1. Hannah says:

    Can you believe that I got signed by all of them, AND high-fived Alex Gaskarth?? I’m glad you like them. I think they’re a pretty cool band.

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