We’ve got a big mess on our hands

Damn, guilt.

How do you uninvite someone to go somewhere with you? Like the Vans Warped Tour, perhaps? Why can’t I just keep my mouth shut? I was looking to take someone my age, or a little older, but not her. We like a couple of the same bands but I just can’t see myself at a Chiodos set with her. I can’t see myself meeting John O’Callaghan from The Maine with her either.

Maybe her mom won’t let her go, but that’s selfish of me, isn’t it? Though this isn’t just anyone, this is Sarah. Sarah and I… we aren’t the same. We are friends but we are very different people. This is the girl likes to start arguments over silly misunderstandings, the girl who called me a bitch. I know those things are over and done with now, but I’m mainly just searching for excuses. I guess I shouldn’t bother inviting anyone to Warped Tour. Everything I say is a mess.

If I don’t bring it up again, maybe nothing will happen. I should just stick to keeping my concerts a secret from my friends like I did during the school year. If that’s going to work MY MOTHER needs to keep her mouth shut and stop bragging to people about it. I like to keep things secret, understood? What am I going to do?

In the words of William Beckett,
We’ve got a big, big mess on our hands tonight
Somebody get my phone so I can throw it in a public pool
and watch it float
And as it’s slowly sinking down become a social ghost

3 Responses to We’ve got a big mess on our hands

  1. Mom says:

    Well…I’ll make sure to keep my mouth shut, too. And we’ll just wait, and hope, and see, ok???

  2. Hannah says:

    I COMPLETELY understand what you’re saying. I have a friend that, from your description, sounds exactly like “Sarah.” One of those friends that are impossible to keep happy. Anywhoo, I think I’ve had this exact situation happen to me… I just happened to mention an upcoming concert and all of a sudden she wanted to go. And though I wasn’t planning to tell her, I really didn’t want her to come. Thankfully she backed out last minute. ;) Though I don’t know how extreme the conditions are; if she really is getting on your nerves, she’s not a real friend. I suggest backing away while you can still get out of the friendship.

  3. Nixie says:

    It’s not that big of a deal. I’m a bit melodramatic… often. She probably won’t come, but if she does, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I haven’t heard from her lately so I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

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