Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

Last night I saw Owl City. I haven’t been listening long, but the show only cost $5 for minors. I didn’t have school the next day so I figured, why not? I like Owl City enough, and that’s all that matters.

It was a waayyy bigger turn out than I expected, and I was surprised to see so many guys there. The doors opened at 7PM and I got in at about 7:30PM. The first two bands from Kansas City were both complete shit. I won’t even mention their names because they wouldn’t be worth listening to. This was an outdoor show and I was freezing. My teeth would chatter in the 50 degree cold every now and then. Folding my arms against my chest helped a little as well as all the body heat, but I was still cold.

I started off like in the sixth row and slowly, but skillfully we managed to worm our way to the second row. (Though, I don’t imagine it is much of a burden to anyone since I’m only 5′ 1 and my mom is only 5′ 3.) People shifted and we moved into the tight spaces. Eventually, we were on the right end of the stage looking up at the stage check for Owl City.

— Ha, you won’t believe it! There was crowdsurfing! The sad part is they didn’t expect it so they didn’t set up a space to catch them. So the bouncers ended up having to pull the kids onto the stage. Though, as soon as Owl City started they wouldn’t let the kids onstage. The bouncers would motion to the crowd to put the crowdsurfer down.

Owl City was great. Adam was spastic and energetic. He would dance and whip his head around. Sometimes he would lie on the floor of the stage and sing, then instantly jump to his feet. He wore this big grin across his face while most everyone sang along to their favorite Owl City songs. Before Owl City played “Vanilla Twilight” (which is my personal favorite) Adam said, “If you came here to slowdance, here’s your song.” That song made me so happy! I even recorded a little bit of it.

My other favorites were “Strawberry Avalanche”, “Hello Seattle”, “The Bird and The Worm”, and of course “Fireflies”. Owl City played almost all of their songs. Their set ended a few minutes after midnight. I saw the small merchandise tent was empty because they had sold out of everything. I suppose I’ll order something online….

Cheers to Owl City and Adam Young!

(Thank you mom for accompanying me once again.)

(You can also see this post on my other blog: http://thehumanbean.tumblr.com/post/202615613/pour-me-a-heavy-dose-of-atmosphere)

Owl City


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