I will keep singing to myself the songs that replay in my head.

I wish I had a soundtrack to my life. Or that I could pick out the perfect songs for the soundtrack of my favorite movies or soon-to-be-movies. I have so many fragmented ideas it drives me insane. I could think of a completely fantastic idea for a story and then I don’t know what comes next. Or I don’t know when this is supposed to happen in the story. It just feels rushed and I really do not have much patience.

Right now I am writing a silly story about a girl named Adalae. I had been writing a different one this past summer about a boy named Kyle, but I am not sure what happened. I just haven’t taken the time to open up the file on my computer and edit it. I have decided though to stay committed to these stories even if I don’t revisit and add to them each and every day. I want them to have and ending and a title.

Yesterday night I saw Where The Wild Things Are with my mom and two younger sisters. It was such a great film, it made me cry. Gosh, and the boy who played Max was just about the cutest thing! I love it sooo much! Though my favorite Wild Thing, the quiet ram-looking thing didn’t have much to say. Only in the end did he say to Max, “When you get back home, will you say good things about us?” Either way, it was a really sweet film.

After the movie was over we walked into the Target entrance and searched the music section for the soundtrack. My youngest sister was already humming along to some of the tunes which was pretty cute. Though, Target did not have the soundtrack, I found A Rocket To The Moon’s new album On Your Side and my mom grabbed the New Moon soundtrack instead.

In other news- I found out that Cage The Elephant are coming to town two days before my birthday. In fact, they will be playing at my favorite venue on a Saturday night and tickets are only ten dollars! My mom said she would take me and get me there early. I’m pretty darn stoked! Oh, and Owl City is coming back in January with Lights and I think I am going to that show too. I have quite a nice life.

Song of the Day – “Have Faith In Me” by A Day To Remember http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/tracks#have%20faith%20in%20me%20a%20day%20to%20remember


3 Responses to I will keep singing to myself the songs that replay in my head.

  1. Hannah says:

    The boy who plays Max (who’s name actually is Max…) is from Portland and goes to school here. In fact, I know someone who’s met him. He’s in 7th grade, can you believe it?! And you must get the soundtrack, it’s amazing. I <3 Karen O. :D

  2. Nixie says:

    Wow, grade seven?
    I bought the soundtrack along with You Me At Six’s debut record this past weekend! It’s sooo good, my favorite is “All Is Love”!

    I too love Karen O. ;)

  3. Hannah says:

    Yeah, I had no idea he was so old!

    Yep, “All Is Love” is definitely one of the bests!!

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