So long, farewell.

 I am quite sad. I absolutely love Aaron Gillespie to death and since I do, I will support him in anything he chooses to do with his music. Though sadly, he is no longer going to be a part of Underoath. I love Underoath as a whole and so if any of members were to leave it wouldn’t feel complete, and Aaron was a big part of UO for me. UO have a way of capturing you, it’s like a hurricame of sound swallowing you up. And then Aaron comes in with his soothing voice. — That moment when I was backstage at Warped Tour during the song “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door” when Aaron slamed his drum sticks against the drum for that quick solo before he sings, I’m drowning in my sleep. I’m drowning in my sleep. The crowd became still for those few moments to sing along. That was the best moment of my entire life.

I do know Aaron is still playing music with The Almost. They are great but not greater than UO. No, definitely not greater than Underoath. I have met Aaron twice, at my first and only UO show and then at an Almost show. He is one of the nicest people. He writes and plays completely amazing music, but I will miss him in Underoath. I just don’t think it’s fair that I didn’t get another chance to see Aaron with Underoath, but I suppose it’s like Craig Ownes when he was booted from Chiodos. Though, this seems like a nicer departure that the group talked about. Not just a phone call.

p.s. I like your music. p.s. I’ll see you in my town soon! p.s. Aaron, I love you too. :)

Song of the Day – It\’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door by Underoath

3 Responses to So long, farewell.

  1. blackbyrd says:

    Awww don’t be sad. Everything happens for a reason. :)
    Though, I have to say that seeing Aaron in Underoath at last summer’s Warped Tour totally made everything awesome for me. But, what happens happens. Come now what come may.

  2. Nixie says:

    You always give the right advice and sound extremely mature doing so. (Even if you are older than me. The highschoolers on my bus are very immature.)

    I just realized something sort of funny. I even have Aaron’s food blog on my blogroll. :3

  3. blackbyrd says:

    Really? Interesting :). Well, there’s no point in being upset over something you really have no way of changing, you know?

    I guess I’m more mature than many high schoolers out there. I do enjoy being silly and crazy sometimes too, though. I’m not done being a kid yet.

    I wondered what that was! But, I don’t believe I ever clicked on it! hehe

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