Stay rad in the future time

May 14, 2010


Right now I’m listening to HOLY Mountain’s “Make/Wait” and I cannot describe a better feeling. Every time I listen to that song it makes feel as if I could go on forever. I wouldn’t have to think, I would just be. To be another note in a piece of music; though I may be wrong, today feels like one of those days where everything is looking up. For a second I thought about the Paramore song “Looking Up” but it would be a lie to say that things are that good for me. I am really grateful yet still I take the spices on my food for granted.

Today just as our bus driver was nearing my stop Plant decided to tell me a “secret.” Carlia and I crouched down when Plant said, “Okay, you can’t tell anyone.” Then Ross, a highschooler who lives three houses down from me (and happens to look like Bryson from My Life As Liz) pops his head in between our faces like he’s in on the secret. Man, it was so great. I just looked at him and laughed. For someone who looks like Bryson he should be more likeable as cute as he is. (I also found a Liz Lee look-alike at my school!) – And now I’m listening to HOLY Mountain because I’m celebrating them playing at the Main Street Café. Bradley Hathaway has played there a few times as well as Aaron Gillespie and a couple guys from Mewithoutyou.

We got yearbooks today. I signed a kid’s as Britney Spears and Anna’s as Hayley Williams (which looked sort of convincing.) I’ve decided that kids are too stuck on what is “weird” and being embarrassed. Try stepping on a girl’s foot (while she was wearing ballet flats!) and then being told by your friend that she doesn’t want to sit with you so for you to go somewhere else. Yes, that happened to me! I just think kids should get over someone else being silly and having fun. I mean, loosen up a bit! Sometimes I feel shunned at school because I am so hopelessly strange compared to the other kids, but I try to ignore it.

I’m just shedding out of my old skin. I want good new things in my life now that some of the bad is gone. (They have new songs up, but note that the recordings do not sound nearly as good as they do live.)

And this: