It remains a mystery.

June 13, 2009


This week has been tiring. Waking up at six in the morning to attend summer school. Though this summer school is really just an orientation to prepare me for the new school year, I am no fan. Each day in PE I have had to do ninety crunches, ten or more push-ups, wall squats, running (but that was pretty easy and surprisingly fun) and today an exersize called six inches. I can handle the crunches but those darn push-ups make my wee little arms wobble. Yes, I do have muscles, but they aren’t massive.
The school days are fairly short (they end at 12:20 PM) yet there is still the bus ride home. I don’t even have any idea how many kids ride my bus, but it can take up to an hour for me to make it safely back to my front door. The bus driver is no help. Whenever she nears my house she passes it up for another stop farther away. That annoys me. A lot. All I can say right now is thank gawd for Fridays!!

I sighed in relief when I got home. I just wanted some time to myself, to think. Extra time to listen to my favorite albums and more importantly, time to write!

I was on the computer this afternoon, checking my email when my mother suggested she would take me to the mall. Or should I say Hot Topic? I was excited to spend the last of my money because I am no good at saving it, and I had enough for a T-shirt or two. If any of you have read some of my previous posts, the first thing that came to mind was Eli. I have never seen him there on a Friday night, but it’s summer time now, schedules change, so you never know. I won’t lie, my heart did feel a little odd. It felt like it sped up for a second.

I walked into Hot Topic wearing my new plaid, blue and pink, button-down Urban Outfitters shirt. (I was glad I could wear my fancy new shirt out.) I didn’t know what I was looking for in Hot Topic. I hadn’t been into Hot Topic for ages it seemed. But I did have a Kings Of Leon shirt in mind. This winter someone *cough, cough* Lance *cough, cough* told me they didn’t like Kings Of Leon. I acted mock appalled and “gasped”. You see, I like irony so the next time I see him with his kids I’ll say, “Oh yeah, KINGS OF LEON BABY!” and point to my shirt. Ironic, eh?

I looked around the store, no Eli. I was almost affraid he didn’t work there anymore (and I still am actually). So I browsed the CD section and eyed the employee picks intensely. I couldn’t see Eli’s name anywhere. It’s not like I talk to him or anything, but it would be nice to see a cute guy’s face every once and a while. To see his clammy pale face matched with dark brown, almost black hair. Sweet eyes and golden eyelashes. His slight frame and dare I say swagger? This may sound creepy, but if a guy you think is cute kinda likes you too that’s not so bad (or at least acts like he likes you). I can easily say I am a hopeless romantic, but I’m not searching for love. Not at this age, no friggen’ way man.

I waked out of Hot Topic with the Kings Of Leon shirt (it even has their faces on it) and an Emily The Strange leopard print tank top. (It seems HT has stopped selling Zotz. Oh, how I will miss those dear Zotz.)
I talked my mom into purchasing a fabulous pair or Baker heels. They have a jeweled cuff around the ankle that almost look like bracelets. They look like those beads you can find in the ocean in Mexico. I think she is happy, she hasn’t splurged on shoes lately.

What my point is, it remains a mystery to me if “Mr. Eli Cullen” is or is not still and employee working at Hot Topic.

Kings Of Leon

December 21, 2008

I’m terribly sad that I the Kings Of Leon show near me is sold out. I was so looking forward to listening and watching an amazing performance. But of course seeing these guys as well.




*sigh* These guys are just TOO CUTE!!!

Sold Out

November 26, 2008

My mom and I have become fans of the Kings Of Leon. Are you familiar with a song called “Sex On Fire”? Check it out because it’s so brutal (awesome)! The lead singer’s voice is stunning, unique, and beautiful. As it seems my mother has bought tickets from Ticket Master so she receives email updates on concerts. We will trade emails saying who we should see next or how we wish we could go. One day I’m checking my email and I see the Kings Of Leon are going to be in town!!! SQUEE!!! This will be absolutely amazing, I’m thinking. I check the ticket price and think, Whoa!! $40.00 dollars?! They have just now gotten more popular with their new album released in September. I was given a copy for my birthday and all I can say is, it’s bloody brilliant! So if you have the money do purchase a wonderful copy! The Kings Of Leon performed on Saturday Night Live so I think they got really big there, gaining a whole lot more fans.

A friend of my mother’s and basically a second mother to me, was interested in going as well. My mom figured she’d pick up the tickets next week at the box office instead of paying extra online. Guess freaking what!!! I just found out the tickets were sold out within minutes!!! *Jaw drops* I’m in shock and I’m really disappointed because I’ll have to wait until there next tour if I’d like to see them. I pull my legs up to my chest, extending my arms around them, then letting my chin drop in my knees like dead weight. In my head a little cartoon man looks up at the sky, arms reaching high above his head screaming “Why!!!!” Poseur fans are what my mother and I are calling those ticket buying bastards. Maybe someday…