I am so pathetically bored.

June 13, 2009

This is one of my favorite sets I’ve made on Polyvore. And right now I am pathetically bored. I feel like shopping or going to see a movie. Really, I just want to get out of my house. I am tired of all of the same items I see everyday. I want see something new and different. I want to go out to the Plaza and sit by one of the fountains. To sit by a fountain and just think. Plan things out, and think about what I want. To sit by a fountain and people watch. To try and guess a little bit about them. Well, I’m starting to sound like Stargirl now so I’ll just post the set. Here:

The Strokes - Barely Legal
The Strokes – Barely Legal by behindthe_sea featuring Coach accessories

Who Watches The Watchmen?

March 11, 2009


Who watches the Watchmen?

I did. Though I missed the premiere on Friday, I made it to a matinee show Sunday afternoon. –I usually loathe Sundays, I find them miserable. Knowing that another week of school starts the very next day. Back to the movie.– I am a superhero movie geek. I’ve seen every Spider Man movie, most of the X-Men films, Electra, Dare Devil, Superman Returns, Batman Begins , Batman: Dark Knight, (In fact, when I was around five and seven, I used to watch the “Batman Beyond” series. For for Christmas last year, one of the gifts I received was the first PG-13 Batman cartoon movie! “Batman: Gotham Knight”.) Iron Man, Hellboy, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and Wanted. Though I am yet to see “Push” and interested in the new “Wolverine” movie they have in store for us later this year!

Fresh out of reading the graphic novel I remembered just about everything. Seeing scenes from the movie and the book collaborate together. The special effects made certain things stand out, the most noticeable being their costumes. The patterns and nutural matalic colors on Nite Owl and Ozymandias suits were simply neat. Doctor Manhattan’s glow of energy was almost a soft neon blue in a way. It made me think the things he’d touch would feel a slight electric shock. The actors and actresses looked almost exactly alike to their characters in the book. Malin Åkerman was the perfect woman to play the Silk Spectre. Although her costume was revealing, I loved the patent shine. Rorschach was my favorite character and still remains my favorite character. I found that I became addcited his edge, his merciless personality, and his black and white shape changing mask. The quote that I can remember most of Rorschach’s is also my favorite. “All the whores and politicians will look up and shout, ‘Save us!’… and I will whisper, ‘No.'” The film production of “Watchmen” stayed true to the book down to certain quotes from the characters, but minor scenes were rearranged and taken out. Most importantly, the ending was changed. I do miss the newspaper stand parts which would include another comic that vaguely relates to the some of the plot.

Watchmen opens up with small bits of the past. Shots of the original Watchmen. Pictures being taken. The actual move begins with The Comedian’s death. His death was precise and the track that was playing during that scene was Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” made it seem elegant in a twisted way. The Comedian put up a pretty good fight before he was thrown out a window. Though what do you expect? He’s six foot two and more than two hundred pounds of muscle. The movie basicly revolves around his death, opening up into inner and outter conflict that the characters have.

I never had payed much attention to the doomsday clock in the novel, but now that I look over the chapters it shows a small picture of it in each illustration of the chapters. The director captured each character so precisely. From their look so their inner fear, struggles, misunderstandings, and personality. While reading “Watchmen” I found it hard to relate to Dr.Manhattan because he was treated like a god, yet he couldn’t relate nor understand human beings. In the film, I became much more attached to him for a number of reasons (and no, not because he was nude… *awkward silence*). First of all the actor who played Doctor Manhattan was Billy Crudup who happened to be Russell from “Almost Famous“. I have a favorite quote of his as well *wink*. “She is beautiful. After each long kiss, she plants a smaller, gentler one upon my lips, like a signature.” They kept this in the movie and I was thrilled about this.

“Watchmen” is filled with non-stop violence and action that can be painful to watch, yet leaves you waiting for the next scene whether it’s chilling and gut-wrenching (I cringed once or twice) or a kissing scene that could possibly turn into a sex scene. The emotion I felt while in the theatre at times was overwhelming for me. Without reading the book most things will take you by surprise and leave you pondering later on. It is complex and confusing and I don’t know how many people are able to put the events together to find who The Comedian’s killer is.

Walking out of the theatre dazed, mouthing the lyrics to My Chemical Romance’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row”. The first word that entered my mind was brutal (Don’t you love that word?) All in all, the graphic novel and the movie are pure brilliance. Allan Moore is a genious for even thinking of an idea for a book so strangely intricate that unfolds and leaves you thinking. (I think you readers are growing tired of my variations of the word “complex”.) This is by far the best superhero movie I have ever seen and maybe even the best superhero movie ever made. FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS.

A Little Bit of Hurt

January 4, 2009

If you really take a good hard look at what the world is like, sometimes I think it is better to be in denial. With these terrible house guests I’ve learned a lot. First of all, I never thought I would meet people so screwed up. I mean if I were one of them I wouldn’t be alive right now. Their mother is a lazy, pot smoking, psycho who doesn’t have a clue how to treat or care for a child.

My dad works at a R&B night club. I thought that was ironic, because my dad hates crowds, loud music, and being up until three in the morning. Though, if you have been out of work for a year then I see where he is coming from. My father had hired Abby as a female bouncer.  One night Libby and Layla are up at five in the morning and my dad arrives home from The Boats and they ask, “Where is our mom?” Abby should have been there way before my father so he replied, “I don’t know.” We never found out where she was or who she was with, but that happened more than once. Abby lied to my family, her daughters, and god knows who else. My dad was fed up with it so we are kicking them out. All I can think is, “FREE AT LAST!!!!!”  Yet, it also makes me sad because whether or not I liked those girls they aren’t better off with or without their mother. My mom said to me, “Honey I don’t think there is going to be a happy ending for these girls.” I’ve been thinking about that since my mother told me that.

Tonight it made me think back to a movie I saw early last year or so. Actually I think it was couple of years ago, I’m not quite sure. Anyway, the movie was called “Grave Of The Fireflies”. grave20of20the20fireflies20dvd1I don’t remember much of it. A boy and his little sister living in Japan at the end of World War II. Their mother dies of burn wounds, their father dies in the war, and in the end his little sister who was only around three or four years of age dies of starvation. Oh yeah, the boy dies too. In the movie that boy loved his litle sister so much, it made me sad she was tooken away from him. The last member left from his family other than himself. I wanted to cry so badly after I saw that movie. Heck, I might have I don’t remember. I couldn’t erase the memories of it that night as I tried to sleep. I wasn’t even old enough to understand it enough, I was just sad the little girl had died. Right now I feel like watching that movie again. It was amazing, poignant, or maybe brutal is a better word, but beautiful. You only need to see this movie a couple times so I am urging you to go read more about it on this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grave_of_the_Fireflies 

Sometimes I think we all need a little bit of hurt in our lives. To prove that we are strong enough to move on without feeling sorrowful our whole lives.

Sisterhood Rant

November 22, 2008

(P.S. I wrote this a while back, just thought I might post it.)
So today I went with my mom to go see “The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2”. Well Turns out it’s not even the second book, which I read. It’s really just the last three books all jumbled up. I was disappointed. I was looking forward to feast my eyes upon the big screen and watch my favorite parts. I don’t even know if some of it was even in the books, but one thing is for sure, the movie was quite disappointing. It annoyed me completely. This also happened with Spiderwick. which I’m now not happy they made into a movie. I would have read the last two if I would have known. It was would pass as a great movie if I hadn’t read the first two books. Man, someone (like the critics) should have given me a warning!

Did you know that Bridget is supposed to look ugly? Well she is. She’s supposed to have gained fifteen pounds have died her hair brown and the color would be fading. Blake Lively still looked good from what I saw. She was also supposed to pretend that she was someone else and visit her grandma. The movie only showed her there for two scenes!!! Later on her grandmother would tell her that she knew who she is. Her grandmother was also supposed to look a little over weight. That was my favorite story through the whole book and they ruined it! They finally found someone to play Effie. When I saw who it was I thought Hey, that girl was on an episode of “The wizards Of Waverly Place”! Brian was supposed to look dorkey. Have acne, wear glasses, and have braces. Instead he was some gorgeous, toned, Asian kid who had no acne, no braces, and no glasses. He didn’t even play dragon slayer anymore. He was also Tibby’s boyfriend so that changed things. Tibby was also different from the last book. She didn’t have as much angst and she wore lower cut shirts which surprised me. I wanted to tell my mom how this was all wrong, yet the movie was still playing.

Unfortunately they are making anymore movies in the series. So much for that series. I’d have to say, out of all the series of books people have made into movies Harry Potter is the best. They do leave out some small parts, but overall they are pretty good with great special effects. They don’t usually over do it, which makes it look more realistic. They even have good actors to play the parts of the seven books! The people who made “The Sisterhood” only made two movies! Grrrr…oh well, there are better things out there to rant about like Miley Cyrus, “High School Musical” , and Disney Channel.

Twilight Premeire 12:01 a.m.

November 22, 2008


As I have mentioned I am of course a Twilight fan. I couldn’t say I’m the biggest Twilight fan nor could I say they are my favorite books. I managed to get two other women to read the series. One was my mom, yes you heard right my MOM. Second is a friend of my family’s’, whom we call Kristi. I had been looking forward to the release of the movie since I gobbled the books this summer. Robert Pattinson playing Edward was a dream comes true for me! I flung my hands up in the air as the emotion of joy rushed incurably over me. I’d liked Robert Pattinson since he played the poor ol’ bloke Cedrick in “Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire”. As the hours dragged on during school I couldn’t wait to break free from that torture chamber! Once the day at school was over I hopped on the bus, hoping I’d get home as soon as possible. I pondered what if Twilight isn’t good? Will I honestly like it? Once I let off the bus I raced to the front door of my house. I checked the time, only four o’clock??? Another EIGHT hours to go?!?! Once I was changed out of that horrible school uniform we have to wear I skipped down my basement stairs. I haven’t practiced “Au Claire De Lune” on the guitar yet, have I? I reminded myself. I checked my email and made an attempt to wait patiently for my mom to arrive from work. My mom arrived and the hours passed. We picked up Kristi and were off! About nine thirty we made a stop at Barnes and Noble for somewhere to “loiter” before we waited in line. Unfortunately it closed at ten o’clock so we drove down to the theatre…

We reached the theatre with no sign of a forming line. As we walked in riding up the escalator my mom asked one of the women at the ticket booth if we should or could get in line. She replied to my mom “There is a line over there that it already forming.” I turned to see a small line, my jaw dropped. “Whoa, early.” I thought. We sat in the line until they decided to move us into a waiting theatre. Fortunately we were later informed they were showing the movie in two theatres so it wouldn’t get so crowded.

After about an hour and a half it was finally midnight!!! I sat through the commercials and finally on went the movie! In the first kissing scene my pulse raced, how come Kristen Stewart got to kiss Robert Pattinson?!?!?! It was the first time Bella noticed Edward was in her room. He spoke “I want to try something.” an inch away from her face. “Be very still don’t move.” Bella was quiet her nervous breathes gave her away. She twitched a little “Don’t move.” Edward said again. My heart was pounding out of my chest I was sucking on my knuckle, my head slightly lifted of of my chair. Edward’s lips slowly, carefully, delicately move against Bella’s. My stomach churns with excitement! Edward pulled away a moment, I was afraid it was over! He kissed her again; they moved to sit on Bella’s bed. Bella obviously not wanting to stop nor caring what might happen to her set her forearms on Edward’s shoulders. “STOP!” Edward said pushing himself and Bella back. He appeared against the wall in her room. “I was stronger than I thought.” He told himself, he looked at himself with such hatred. Thinking how he was one of the most horrible creatures alive, a monster. “I-I’m sorry.” said Bella looking down, embarrassed.

So the rest of the movie was okay, it wasn’t great though I’m having a hard time bringing myself to that. I liked the books so much I just can’t tell myself it wasn’t good. Of course I like did, just not as much as I’d hoped. If they would have had a better director and a better budget, not worrying so much about time then I would have loved it! The background music was awful; their running wasn’t realistic enough; There were happy parts in the book but Edward seemed like he was NEVER happy in the movie. I didn’t get to see his crooked smile nearly as much as I’d hoped. Things like that are what bugged me. Ah, let’s just hope they make enough money so they can start filming “New Moon” which I hope would be a hell of a lot better.