Mikey Way’s Wife

February 25, 2009

One afternoon while coming down to my chilled basement of course to log on to the computer, I checked my email. Now in my inbox I had an email titled, “Mikey Way’s wife…” The first time I saw if I thought it said “Mikey Way’s life…” and let out gasp thinking he had died. Instead it was an email from my mother. She knows the My Chemical Romance obsesser that I am and told me a woman whom she works with used to go to school with her. Now this may be cool or uninteresting, but hey, I’m just here to write, so don’t hate on Mikey or the band. –The woman’s name is Tracey, and I’m guessing she is like 27 years old and what a teeny thing she is! Tracey has auburn, chin length hair, has great bone structure in her face, and has I’m guessing a small five foot five frame. She came with my mom, Roxann, and I to the Buzz Stole Christmas concert back in December.– Anyway, Alicia Simmons, Mikey’s wife, went to the same high school. My mom said Tracey thought she was a bit strange and possibly a druggie. Tracey was unsure that Alicia had grown up to marry an awesome bassist such as Mikey Way. Then she saw a picture of Mikey and Alicia together or read in article in a music magazine and could finally believe it. Now Tracey is from Grain Valley Missouri and that gave me, the Missouri girl I am (though I live more in the city), some hope. Heck, maybe I’ll marry the next Kurt Cobain but I hope he doesn’t shoot himself in the head or snort cocaine or do any sort of drug really. In fact maybe I’LL be the next (female) Kurt Cobain without the drugs and suicide.

REVIEW: Thirteen Reasons Why

December 30, 2008

I finished a book called “Thirteen Reasons Why”. It was about a high school boy named, Clay, who had a crush on a girl named Hannah Baker. Just weeks ago Hannah committed suicide. One day when Clay arrives home from school a shoebox with cassette tapes are waiting for him, with no return address on the box. Inside are seven tapes with thirteen reasons describing why Hannah decided to end her life. Clay is one of them.

As I read the first couple of chapters I thought, Hannah ended her life for pretty silly reasons. She was too whiny, for some reason it was other people’s fault she had killed herself. As I reached the middle of the book I had changed my mind. Hannah had been new to the high school and already rumors had began to circle around the school. She had lost friends because of one “perfect” girl named Courtney. There was a peeping Tom taking pictures of her in her own house. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “There is more to life outside these walls.” Outside of school kids still seemed to find Hannah. Hannah was fed up with the lies and terrible things she had witnessed at parties or been a victim of. Hannah had said, “It (suicide) had once been a passing thought through my head.” she had thought how she would end this tragic life many times. Then finally she let one of the worst things happen to her when she had decided to give up on everything. While Clay is listening to these tapes he is running around town following a map Hannah had left behind. Getting to know the Hannah he never gave himself the chance to. I thought this book was a page turner after you get past the first couple of stories. An eerie sad tale of a girl who let the world come crashing down. It was a memorable read, the blunt truth of what some or maybe most high school kids are like, and the emotional issues Hannah developed. All in all I give it four stars out of five.