REVIEW: “Burned” by Ellen Hopkins

January 31, 2009

My mother was kind enough to pick a copy up for me a few days ago. I devoured the whole book in one day. I was glued to just about every page as I was addicted to Ethan and Pattyn’s romance, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Pattyn Von Stratten is a good Mormon girl. She feels plain,as she takes care of her stay-at-home mother’s jobs like cleaning, washing clothes, and taking care of her six younger siblings (technically five) along with the help of her favorite sister. While her mother lays around the house all day. When her father comes home with “Joannie” most nights, there is trouble. The kids are rushed back to their rooms as their mother takes the blow. The abuse. Pattyn has her first sex dream, and it involves her school crush. Though instead of kissing Justin, it is Derrick who steals her heart for the moment. After the first kiss there are a lot more, with tequila and beer along the way. One day her father finds her in the said, “compromising position”, and things keep going in a downward spiral for Pattyn until finally her father sends her to live with her Aunt J for the summer.

Living with Pattyn’s Aunt J was supposed to be a punishment not a reward, but things start to go Pattyn’s way. Then she meets Ethan. This can’t just be a summer fling, right? Right. Ethan shows Pattyn love, more than she had asked for. Though if her father were to ever find out she was dating than, Ethan who was not Mormon, they both would be dead. Literally. Pattyn has to go back home at the end of summer vacation. *** SPOILER ALERT*** As Pattyn takes the abuse from her father, bruises and blood are left. After that she finds out she is pregnant. Pregnant with Ethan’s baby. Plans are made for Ethan to come down and get Pattyn one day after school to take some time to ponder what they are going to do. Not noticing someone has taken off their licence plates, the police attempt to pull Ethan and Pattyn over during their “escape” drive. Pattyn orders Ethan not to stop, go faster. Until the accident. Ethan and the baby are both gone, dead. Pattyn is devastated (so was I) and decides life no longer matters….

I absolutely adored this book. I was intrigued with Pattyn and Ethan’s romance, which I wish could be real ALL the time. I loved her Aunt J, she reminded me of the woman who played Bella’s (Twilight) mother IN THE MOVIE. Happy, outgoing, smart, loving. I wish I had an aunt like that, cross that, I do. I was terribly annoyed that her mother, her sister, nor her own self told anyone (minus Ethan) about their beatings from their father/husband. This book explored the emotions of  joy, excitement, lust and love, complete with anger, hurt, devastation, and tragedy. Weaving together a masterpiece, which I would recommend to any Ellen Hopkins fans or just someone looking for a quick yet intriguing and beautiful read. FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS.

Twilight Premeire 12:01 a.m.

November 22, 2008


As I have mentioned I am of course a Twilight fan. I couldn’t say I’m the biggest Twilight fan nor could I say they are my favorite books. I managed to get two other women to read the series. One was my mom, yes you heard right my MOM. Second is a friend of my family’s’, whom we call Kristi. I had been looking forward to the release of the movie since I gobbled the books this summer. Robert Pattinson playing Edward was a dream comes true for me! I flung my hands up in the air as the emotion of joy rushed incurably over me. I’d liked Robert Pattinson since he played the poor ol’ bloke Cedrick in “Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire”. As the hours dragged on during school I couldn’t wait to break free from that torture chamber! Once the day at school was over I hopped on the bus, hoping I’d get home as soon as possible. I pondered what if Twilight isn’t good? Will I honestly like it? Once I let off the bus I raced to the front door of my house. I checked the time, only four o’clock??? Another EIGHT hours to go?!?! Once I was changed out of that horrible school uniform we have to wear I skipped down my basement stairs. I haven’t practiced “Au Claire De Lune” on the guitar yet, have I? I reminded myself. I checked my email and made an attempt to wait patiently for my mom to arrive from work. My mom arrived and the hours passed. We picked up Kristi and were off! About nine thirty we made a stop at Barnes and Noble for somewhere to “loiter” before we waited in line. Unfortunately it closed at ten o’clock so we drove down to the theatre…

We reached the theatre with no sign of a forming line. As we walked in riding up the escalator my mom asked one of the women at the ticket booth if we should or could get in line. She replied to my mom “There is a line over there that it already forming.” I turned to see a small line, my jaw dropped. “Whoa, early.” I thought. We sat in the line until they decided to move us into a waiting theatre. Fortunately we were later informed they were showing the movie in two theatres so it wouldn’t get so crowded.

After about an hour and a half it was finally midnight!!! I sat through the commercials and finally on went the movie! In the first kissing scene my pulse raced, how come Kristen Stewart got to kiss Robert Pattinson?!?!?! It was the first time Bella noticed Edward was in her room. He spoke “I want to try something.” an inch away from her face. “Be very still don’t move.” Bella was quiet her nervous breathes gave her away. She twitched a little “Don’t move.” Edward said again. My heart was pounding out of my chest I was sucking on my knuckle, my head slightly lifted of of my chair. Edward’s lips slowly, carefully, delicately move against Bella’s. My stomach churns with excitement! Edward pulled away a moment, I was afraid it was over! He kissed her again; they moved to sit on Bella’s bed. Bella obviously not wanting to stop nor caring what might happen to her set her forearms on Edward’s shoulders. “STOP!” Edward said pushing himself and Bella back. He appeared against the wall in her room. “I was stronger than I thought.” He told himself, he looked at himself with such hatred. Thinking how he was one of the most horrible creatures alive, a monster. “I-I’m sorry.” said Bella looking down, embarrassed.

So the rest of the movie was okay, it wasn’t great though I’m having a hard time bringing myself to that. I liked the books so much I just can’t tell myself it wasn’t good. Of course I like did, just not as much as I’d hoped. If they would have had a better director and a better budget, not worrying so much about time then I would have loved it! The background music was awful; their running wasn’t realistic enough; There were happy parts in the book but Edward seemed like he was NEVER happy in the movie. I didn’t get to see his crooked smile nearly as much as I’d hoped. Things like that are what bugged me. Ah, let’s just hope they make enough money so they can start filming “New Moon” which I hope would be a hell of a lot better.